Projects : Call Bee Jewellery export Catch the words Shooting fest

Call Bee

Call bee is a video calling application that are developed in flutter for iOS and android phones. It’s using for contact between teacher and student in turkey. In this application a student can call to a teacher but teacher cannot call to student. Call is not free we are using in app purchase for buy minutes also handling account of teacher and student according to call duration deduct minutes from students account and added to teacher account and then pay to teacher against call duration.

Features Of Application

  1. Authentication
  2. Video calling
  3. In-app purchase
  4. Account handling
  5. History of calling
  6. Teacher’s profile
  7. student’s profile

Jewellery export

Jewellery export is a multivendor B2B e-commerce platform for jewellers. On this platform jewellers can add their products for sale and can purchase products from here.

Features of application

  1. Authentication
  2. Product searching
  3. Company searching
  4. Product searching by category
  5. Detail of products
  6. User management
  7. Product selling
  8. Product purchasing
  9. Membership packages
  10. Multilanguage
  11. Chatting
  12. Many more

Catch the words

Catch the word is a quiz competition application. And according to earn points giving a gift to that player.

Features of application

  1. Authentication
  2. Play a YouTube video
  3. Take a quiz according to that video
  4. See the result of their quiz and also can see correct answers of wrong and skip questions
  5. Request their gift
  6. Statistics
  7. FAQs and many more

Shooting fest

Shooting fest is application for basketball challenges recording and then complete those challenges.

Features of application

  1. Authentication
  2. Create challenge
  3. View challenge
  4. Record video by taking that challenge
  5. Challenge ratting
  6. Gift catalogue
  7. Request gift when target achieved
  8. Statistic of challenge
  9. FAQs and many more

Products : Jewel Hub Barber App Smart Tutor

Jewel Hub

Jewel hub is B2B e-commerce platform for jewellers for sell and purchase their products using this platform

Features of application

  1. Jewellers can register yourself
  2. See products of other jewellers
  3. Search by products and company
  4. Categories based filters
  5. See profile of other jewellers
  6. Search products by company
  7. Request products
  8. Chatting
  9. User management
  10. Membership packages
  11. News of jewellery market
  12. FAQs and many more

Barber App

Barbar is a multivendor application for barbars appointment system. Barbers can use this application to handle appointments with their costumers. A customer can set appointment with their specific barber for avail service.

Features of application.

  1. Authentication
  2. Barber can add their service with detail
  3. Can see appointment schedule according to day week and month
  4. Can accept and cancel appointment
  5. Define their holidays and working hours
  6. Handle customers profile
  7. Reports generation weekly and monthly
  8. Chatting and notification
  9. Billing system
  10. Weekly and monthly repetition setting.
  11. Customer can see the barbers near location
  12. Account settings
  13. Reminder for appointment
  14. FAQs and many more

Smart Tutor

Smart tutor is an application for students and teacher that want to learn and teach home based tuition.

Features of application

  1. Teacher and register himself
  2. Add subjects and classes that he want to teach
  3. Select area where he wants to teach
  4. Will handle their student’s profile
  5. Assign task to students and can check assignment
  6. Attendance record
  7. Payment record
  8. Student can register himself
  9. Search teachers
  10. Book a teacher for home tuition
  11. Can see and upload their assignment
  12. Check attendance record and assignment marks
  13. Search teacher by are subject or class and many more